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10 reasons why you should switch to WordPress

The web is an ever-changing landscape of technology and trends. But one key factor for your site should be the platform it runs on. For many years we developed with Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS) allowing us to develop powerful sites while providing our clients with the ability to update and manage the site. However as times have changed, Joomla has not kept up with the demands of users or developers, leaving a gap which has been quickly filled by WordPress.

WordPress used to be just a blogging site, very simple to use and enabled anyone with a spare afternoon to get a site up and running. Nowadays WordPress has evolved into an extremely powerful CMS and development platform. Supported by thousands of developers and designers, means that WordPress will only grow in strength and capabilities which in turn will push the boundaries of the web.

We have created a list of some of the key points to consider if you are thinking of using another CMS to run your site.

1. Ease of use

With every site we build, we offer training so that clients can feel comfortable managing their content themselves. We have found working with WordPress that either our clients had more experience of the platform or were able to understand how to use it, far quicker than any other CMS. This has many benefits for the client and means they can get the maximum benefit from their investment.

2. Security

You may read on the news about large scale hacks on companies, but what isn’t talked about is the 30,000 websites hacked every single day. Using a CMS which has a huge developer base means that security flaws and patches are released quickly and efficiently, keeping your WordPress site secure. No site is immune to hacking attempts, but with a WordPress site, you can put many tools in place to keep you as protected as possible and we would always recommend regular updates and backups to prepare for any issues.

3. E-Commerce

Many sites these days require some form of online shop, catalogue or wish list. WordPress allows you to implement this additional functionality at any stage of your site development. Everything you require from a shop, from selling products, subscriptions, stock management, digital downloads, filters, multiple payment processors… well you get the idea. You name it, it can be developed straight into your current WordPress site.

4. Accessibility

In addition to being easy to update and manage content, WordPress is also an industry standard for web designers. Meaning should you wish to make any changes, updates or new development you will be able to get support from any reputable web designer. Going forward, should you wish to update your design/structure, you will be able to retain the WordPress platform and re-develop, saving you time and money.

5. Custom CMS

There are many developers and web designers offering their own, super-duper CMS that has a multitude of features and built-in code that makes it way better than WordPress. The only downside to this is that they need to spend resources keeping their own CMS up to date and secure, which inevitably impacts on development or subscription costs for you. If you find a decent web design company, they will be able to develop any functionality you require within the WordPress framework and you still have the confidence that it will be supported should you move to another web design company.

6. Media

With modern sites, there is a large amount of media that needs to be managed and WordPress helps in many ways. Want to add a video to your page? Just copy and paste the URL and the site will turn that into an embedded image. Need to upload 20 images and make it into a gallery, you can easily do that too. Just by dragging and dropping the images from your desktop.

Along with this, the site can also automatically optimise your images and re-size them, so they load correctly on all devices and reduce the time to load. WordPress can also automatically convert images into next-gen webp image formats.

7. Integrations

Many companies don’t just have a website running for their business. They have emails, possibly a CRM or a data feed that needs to be managed. WordPress can connect with many APIs such as EventBrite, MailChimp, SendinBlue, Rightmove or services directly or indirectly through Zapier, giving you huge scope for enhancing your content and making the site do all the hard work with your data.

8. SEO

With every site, the primary goal is to get your company, product or message out to as many people as possible. SEO is made far easier with WordPress, with key features that make your site SEO ready out of the box. In addition to this, you can add additional plugins that further improve the power of your site in Search Engines.

9. Multilingual

Should you wish to have your site reach more users without having a separate site, WordPress gives you the tools to create a multilingual site, all in one place. You can add as many languages as you wish, with a fall back if the content isn’t ready in that language. Users can also specify a language and the site will remember this, next time they visit.

10. Flexibility

WordPress has the power to go from a simple blog to a fully developed property listing tool, Golf membership platform, full product catalogue or shop with a quotation tool through to a complete school or charity website. With its built-in REST API, WordPress has the power to help you develop whatever you can imagine, we are here to help you build that site.

Hopefully, this has given you insights into the power of WordPress and revealed some features and pluses that you hadn’t considered. If you have a specific goal or site you are looking to develop, please do feel free to contact us and we will be able to help you develop your dream site.


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