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Gregg Hall Golf Club

Gregg Hall Golf Club

Gregg Hall Golf Club offers a handicap service for its members by providing calculated golfing handicap certificates. With this, members are able to play golf at 100’s of participating courses of their choice, around the world, through a ‘pay and play basis’.

Gregg Hall initially had a basic website that was able to allow new users to sign up and create a membership and all memberships were handled manually, one by one. We were approached to see if we could take this user experience and enhance it for new and existing members.

The entire project was planned and developed from the ground up, to fit exactly with the clients requirements.

Gregg Hall Golf Club - Website on iMac

Website development

Go planned and developed a fully integrated website that was able to provide all of the functionality within an easy to manage interface.

Customers are now able to signup and immediately access their own membership portal. This provides, via a secure login, access to their membership card, subscription status and allows them to upload new handicap cards.

For the client, with the subscription element implemented, meant that they saved 100’s of hours a year, not having to manage each customer individually and ensure payments were made for the annual subscription.

Full training and support was provided for the website, giving Gregg Hall the knowledge and confidence to work with the content management system (CMS). This in turn enabled them to easily update and manage not only the website but their members too.


Along with a refreshed website, Go designed a new logo which was designed to reflect the heritage of the golf club. The branding and logo was then used across stationery and marketing materials such as a letterhead, mailer and membership card.

Services Provided:

Creative // Logo design // Identity Development/branding // Leaflets/Flyers // Stationery // Website design and build // E-commerce websites // Content management systems // Training

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