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Young Carers in Schools

Young Carers in Schools is a vital program supporting young people who take on caring responsibilities at home. We collaborated closely with them to develop a brand new logo and establish a cohesive look and feel. This wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about crafting a visual language that resonated with their audience and effectively communicated their message.

Website development

We culminated this comprehensive project with the development of a user-friendly website, featuring an integrated toolkit and downloadable resources. This website serves as a central hub, empowering Young Carers in Schools to reach and support a wider network of young carers, their families, and educators.


One of the projects was to create a more approachable look which included us creating unique illustrations, based on the clients requirements. We have since created new illustrations for other promotional materials.

Building on this foundation, we produced a range of impactful materials – reports, posters, flyers, and even activity packs. We ensured accessibility by creating both English and Welsh versions of all marketing materials.

Services Provided:

Creative // Logo design // Identity Development/branding // Leaflets/Flyers // Stationery // Website design and build // Content management systems // Training