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Traditional Marketing VS The e-Marketing

Marketing is a crucial element in the success of a business. Today, be it a small business with a single proprietor or a big multi-billion company with a board of directors, they need marketing for one or the other process. The marketing in this age is ruled by e-marketing where most of the activities are performed over the internet. However, this has never always been the case. Earlier, the marketing was largely driven by the print media. The businesses relied on brochures, fliers, hoardings and other editorial material to pitch their business to the target audience. The objective is still the same but the medium has changed as a majority of the population today is on the internet. Does that mean we no longer need traditional marketing methods? Well not really. Although some might say that they are too outdated but in reality, the traditional methods have their own advantages which we’ll see today.

Understanding Marketing Trends
Digital marketing today is dominating most of the marketing activities. This has also led to traditional marketing strategies such as brochures and other editorials being ignored somehow. The Brochures & Editorial Materials, however, are still a smart choice when you are confined by your budget, as these are much economical as compared to the e-marketing strategies.

Advertising also is a key player in marketing strategies. The businesses today are facing stiffer competition and to gain an edge over the competition one has to adopt smart and quick marketing strategies. The right approach then is to perform such marketing and promotional activities that help connect directly with your target audience. Activities such as advertising and email marketing have shown to be much more result-oriented and straightforward in their approach. However, this also entails us to understand the importance of traditional marketing strategies and see why they still hold a place among marketing strategies.


Importance Of Traditional Marketing Tools

Real-time Connection
Brochures & editorial material help you connect with your customers in real-time. It’s like the feeling you get when you read a book in printed media vis-a-vis an e-book reader. Providing a printed brochure is like offering your customers to have the closest possible interaction with your company. The kind of feel and connection a customer feels while browsing through the pages of your product brochure is much better than viewing that same information on a website.

Unrestricted Access
We all have at some time experienced the frustration that comes when your mobile battery dies or internet connection gets disconnected. Also, some people are still not comfortable with the present technology. Well, brochures & editorial material will easily connect with everyone including those from the older generation. Through the brochures and other editorial materials, your company can provide unrestricted access to everyone, even to those who don’t have the internet.

Synchronised and Strategic
Websites today are becoming a vital aspect of every business. Keeping in tune with the changing times, every business should have a website that would help them to widen their reach and connect better with the customers. However, at some point-of-time, some users do feel confused while searching for some information on multiple pages of a website. But such is not the case with brochures, flyers and other print media. You can easily place your information in a strategic manner, include an index and reader can always flip through pages without waiting for the time it takes to load on a website. With print media, you can synchronise your product information and contact information in a more strategic manner for a wider and impressive appeal.

Boost Your Business
A brochure may be considered as an outdated marketing tool but still, it has a strong tendency to uplift the overall growth of your business and take your business a level ahead of your competitors. These extensible brochures and various editorial materials including pamphlets and booklets will help your company to strengthen its presence and brand image among the different audience. This advertising tool will not only multiply your clients but it will also pitch your business in the right direction.

We all know how important money is to run the machinery called business. The brochure is one of the affordable ways to advertise your product and services even with a limited budget. It is like lower capital gains which offer a great return on investment. Designing and printing brochures are much easier as compared to many e-marketing strategies.

These are a few of the reasons that make Brochure and editorial material a smarter choice. The traditional marketing tool is much easier and a budget-friendly tool to easily improve your brand image. All you need is support from a creative Graphic Designing Agency, that will make your brochure more professional and more appealing.

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