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WPBakery Page Builder – How To’s

How do I add and edit images?

How do I add and edit single images of my WordPress page with WPBakery Page Builder?

How do I add Text Block?

How do I add a simple text block to my WordPress site with WPBakery Page Builder?

How do I create empty space between elements?

To increase the space between elements with the Empty Space element follow these simple steps.

How do I make full width or full height row?

Full Width Row

WPBakery Page Builder has been extended with a “Row stretch” option which allows you the following states:


  • Stretch row (Stretches the row, but leaves the content in the previous width)
  • Stretch row and content (Leaves any default paddings of your theme on the left and right side of row)
  • Stretch row and content without spaces (Removes default paddings of your theme’s pixels as well)

Note: If WordPress theme uses overflow: hidden in markup it may result in an inappropriate row stretching.

How do I add an Image Gallery?

How do I add an image gallery from Media Library of WordPress site with WPBakery Page Builder?

How do I control elements on different devices?

Learn how to design responsive layouts and control elements on different devices with WPBakery Page Builder.

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